Regal Facility ManagementTM provides 24/7 support for all services so you are never required to touch up what the cleaner has missed, or clean everything because the cleaners did not show up.

While our Corporate Office is based in Colorado, Regal operates in multiple states. We provide services in Colorado (CO), Minnesota (MN), Florida (FL), Nevada (NV), Wisconsin (WI) and Mississippi (MS).

Nightly Janitorial
After assessing the specific needs of your facility with you, we hand-pick cleaning companies based on their experience and strengths. From the front of house to the kitchen or from the offices to the warehouse, all will be cleaned using written specifications and checklists tailored to your company's expectations and needs.

Peripheral Services
In nearly two decades of industry service, Regal has learned that it is the small, often overlooked, details that create the best first impressions of a facility, both for our clients and yours. This is why Regal  provides so many different services, below is a partial list of the many other Services we provide and their basic specifications - all of which can be modified to meet your needs.

Window Cleaning
Regal seeks the best professional window cleaners to maintain your facility's image. 

Carpet Cleaning
Regal requires using van mounted extraction systems with steam and enzymes. No portable units allowed.

Hood Cleaning & Maintenance
Regal ensures that hood sytems are cleaned from the fan through the duct work down to the canopy inside the kitchen. We also provide grease containment products and maintenance.

Power Washing
Regal maintains exterior public areas, patios, back docks and dumpster areas using truck mounted power wash equipment with chemical cleaners and heat.

Specialty Floor Finishes & Repair
Regal has the ability to maintain all floor types to their original specifications.

Restroom Products
Regal provides air fresheners and urinal screens to help maintain a fresh and clean restroom.